Friday, June 25, 2010


Hey guys! I was going to do LGBT Week here on Rae Reads as planned, but I decided to move it to my new blog, In The Forest.

I was planning on getting rid of Rae Reads after LGBT Week anyways so I might as well just do all the posts on ITF.

Please follow me over there.

I am so sorry for any confusion and I hope to see you all over there.

-Rae Reads

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  1. We (Jesus/i) gotta wanna warn you, girly, those who promote GLBT won't be allowed in Heaven -WITHOUT- repentence and putting God first in their lives. Yes, there's still some people who don't ascribe to the gay lifestyle, thus, we are going where at The End?? Think. Know. Grow-up OUTTA this superficially whorizontal earth; reach for Heaven where I will kiss your adorable feets for coming this far. Remember, our lives R only how long ...?? God bless you, child. Be at peace.